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Jason Abbott (L) is presented with the 2017  KFN Cup by Gordon Jenkinson from Kosciusko First National Real Estate.


What is DragonForce 65?

The most in-demand best selling remote control yacht in the world, that's what!

The Joysway DragonForce 65, or DF65 for short, is by far currently the best selling RC yacht in the world. The reasons are as simple as the concept and design itself, which was developed in collaboration between Joysway and three top performance yacht designers (Mike Weston, Mark Dicks and John Tushingham) known as the group of three. This partnership has resulted in the DF65 which was first released in February 2013, an affordable competition class RC yacht that is so affordable it can enjoyed by serious competitors and non serious hobbyists alike. Sleek lines and competition-developed sails make the DragonForce 65 race, perform and compete against even those yachts that would be 10 times the price!

The DragonForce 65 is a recognised competition RC yacht. The boat is based on the ICE design with an ABS hull, profiled aluminium fin and moulded plastic rudder. The rig is a full sized, low aspect RG65 rig with carbon spars and a ball raced gooseneck.

ANNOUNCEMENT - The Kosciusko First National Real Estate Cup.

The Kosciusko First National Real Estate Cup (KFN Cup) is a series of four Races for remote controlled yachts. Organised by the Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club, the KFN Cup will be held on Lake Jindabyne in October 2016. Entrants are restricted to a specific type of vessel, the Dragon Force 65 (DF65) single hull yacht.

The DF65 is currently the fastest selling remote control yacht in the world. The reason for this is its relatively modest price (around $200), its sturdy construction and its ease of use.

The class is an International Standard and clubs are springing up worldwide.

Each Race is made up of multiple heats with each heat being run over a short distance so that multiple heats can be contested on the day. There is also a handicap/bonus system applied to the heat result which aims to bring the first over the line “back to the pack” and give the last over the line “a leg up”.

The KFN Cup will be contested on the second (8th), third (15th), fourth (22nd) and fifth (29TH) Saturdays in October 2016. Heats will be conducted in front of the clubhouse of the Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club and commence at 4pm with all yachts being off the water by 5.30 ish.

The rules are simple. Your yacht must be behind the line at the start, you must sail the course the correct way and cross the finish line unless the time limit has been reached and you must avoid coming into contact with another yacht.

Handicap/bonus system works as follows. In all heats, the winner of the heat will earn a handicap of 10 seconds. That is, they will start 10 seconds after the rest of the fleet in the next heat. Should that winner be victorious in the next heat, another 10 seconds is added to the handicap. And so on. Should that winner NOT win the subsequent heat, the handicap is reduced by 10 seconds. If there are 6 or more yachts in a heat, then the 10 second handicap is applied to the first and second place getter.

If there are 6 or more yachts in a heat, the yacht that comes last will earn a 10 second bonus. That is, they will start 10 seconds before the rest of the fleet. Should that yacht come last in the subsequent heat, another 10 seconds is added to the bonus. And so on. Should the yacht not come last in the subsequent heat, the bonus is reduced by 10 seconds.

Handicaps and bonuses will carry over to subsequent races.

Points are scored as per the Racing Rules Of Sailing. That is, the first yacht over the line earns 1 point, the second 2 points and so on. A yacht that does not start, does not finish, retires or is disqualified earns points based on the number of boats entered in the series plus one point. The winner of the series will be the yacht with the least number of points. In the event of a points tie, the yacht with the most heat wins will be the series winner. If that is tied, then a one-race sail-off will take place to determine the series winner.

The winner receives a trophy and a prize.

Remote control yacht racing is serious racing … but with a very big smile on your dial. The aim is to have fun and enjoy yourself. The only downsize is that it is very awkward holding a drink and operating the remote control at the same time.

For more information, please ring John Byrne on 0419 486 729.