Australian Sailing launched an e-Sailing contest in the winter of 2020. Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club had an enthusiastic band of members who took to the "water" to test their skills. Suffice to say that experience on the "real" water does not gaurantee success on the virtual water. Watch us race below.

Sam Bylett has proved to be a master at virtual sailing.
Watch him race.

Hayden Slater is no slouch when it comes to e-sailing.
Watch him go.

It may look easy but if it goes wrong
when e-sailing, it's ... well just watch!

May 30th


Now for the ChurchRock Series!

Having buried the competition in the Shovel Ready, Easy Bylett will hopefully get buried in his studies and open the door a little for the baying mob behind him, who are giving a go, but finding it harder to get a go.

Slippery Slater put in a huge late effort to take out second place and obviously working bees bring their own reward, as sister Dragon Slayer stamped her name on fourth spot.

And third place? You may well ask! Coach Cross, who was able to drop all his double figures, led the old blokes, and showed that you can run the races, wrangle two feisty girls, stretch his internet connection to breaking point, have V's dinner on the table, AND be up in the winner's circle.

Fifth place was a fast-finishing Lucy Xmarksthespot and the rest, sorry, all got 100 or bigger. Much bigger for some!

Thanks Al for making all this possible!!

ChurchRock starts this Wednesday.

Your correspondent will be taking a short break from now.

May 27th

 Now look, I know you'll be a'hankerin' after the results from Wednesday's efforts.
  But I've been too busy to do much more than tell you that:
  *Easy Bylett disaster race followed by 2/1 to lead the fleet on 8
 *Slippery Slater only 3 points adrift, still warm from the States
 *Tunnel McLean (50/1) took everyone by surprise only one point behind Slippery on the day (2,7,3)
 *Coach avoided NBN over-stress to grab 4th, and,
 *HonSec told us all that it's no fluke - he is getting the hang of it - and moved to 5th
 *Commodore showed his unlikely likeness to Gough Whitlam (Crash or Crash Through) and nailed  a 6th with a spirited 3,6,10
  Alas, poor whisker'd one, a shocker!
  Watch out for the Light on the Hill who absolutely lucked out with a first in the first. Then disappeared.

 Sorry, don't have the Shovel Ready Overall tally! C'mon Flags, get it together!

 Watching Sam pretty soon now - he must be getting a rub-down as we speak - and then Rugba  League. Does it get any better?


MAy 23rd, 2020

It was gripping excitement for Slippery fans at the Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club on early Saturday morning. Round our screens we hunched, all eyes on our young champion as he pitched his skills against the State's finest virtual skippers.
I cheered him on! I shouted warnings and encouragement, and sank gloomily to the floor as he picked up a mad penalty in his efforts to get round the course as fast as he could.
And fast he went, and claimed a tenth overall in the Blue fleet. Not enough to get to the finals, but in the end, no sweat Slippery. You did us proud. And entertained us!!


It was going to be a bit of an anticlimax after the excitement of the morning's racing at State level. But a new player in the top five has opened the racing up.
Honsec Lawley, fresh from a successful and productive Committee knees-up at the club, started punching those keys in a truely amazing and purposeful way. With a staggering 3,4,3, Lawley is making a late tilt at the coveted Shovel Ready Autumn Series, and now holds down 5th place.
Freya Dragon Slayer turned in a couple of shockers, but an energetic 2nd saved her and overall she is breathing down Coach Cross' neck, one point adrift.
The Coach, smarting from the simply dreadful effort last week, responded to the gibes of this correspondent and rolled back a 6,3,2, showing that he has at least some idea of the big cat stuff, and the course they are supposed to follow.
Slippery holds down second place, and, possibly tired from his morning efforts, applied only small pressure on Easy Bylett, who took out all three races. Nice one, Easy, who now has his own video show, courtesy of the Flag Puller, now on YouTube or the club website.

 Watch it and learn, people.

Bylett continues with random behind him

May 16th, 2020

Let's call it for what it is. With the Club Championship decided, new boats being tested, and juniors thinking about skiing rather than sailing, it was a totally random twilight at Lake Jindabyne Sailing Club's Autumn "Shovel-Ready" series.

ACT Champ (and our local boy) Bylett showed a clean pair of heels with three - count them, three - first places. Honest to god, how much time is he spending away from his Year 12 studies?

Following his success in the New Shed Grant Series, Secretary Lawley threw away his quill, got off his stool and turned in a dazzling performance (2,8,13). Inconsistent, yes. But who wasn't.

We've been anticipating Captain Baird's arrival on the dais for some time, and he at last delivered, saving a 10th in the first to finish with two third places, and finishing in second on the day.

Slippery Slater found the 49er a handful but in his carefree style steered the Nacra17 and the 49er to two second places. His big moment comes this weekend at the States and the club wishes him well!

Reef Brother John Hooper looks like he's moved closer to town and the vital internet connection to romp in behind Slippery with (again an inconsistent) 7,2,11. Freya Dragon Slayer was a great sailor on the day, putting in the most consistent set to tie with the Reef Brother, with Parc Host one point behind.

The story of the day would not be complete without a few well-chosen comments about Coach Al's performance. Fair dinkum, if he was a horse you'd swab him wouldn't you?
Yes, he had connectivity problems. Yes, we had delays, but, really? A 4th and two lasts? It says it all really. Consistency, Al, Consistency.

Good sailing Hayden! May the force be with you.